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My technique is a focus touch combining Swedish, Deep Tissue and some Thai massage techniques. You will first have an initial consultation to determine the correct approach (level of pressure, sensitive areas, etc) that will systematically address your body issues, muscle tensions and preferences. This energetic therapeutic approach will benefit your holistic health by helping to remove toxins, reducing stress, improving circulation and benefiting the immune system.

My focus is to provide you a massage that is personalized based upon your preferences and needs. Mint massage therapy will help to relieve your body ailments, which may be caused by an accident, poor posture, improper sleep, sports, work and stress.

My objective is to provide you a quality Therapeutic Wilton Manor's massage, so that you and I can develop a long lasting relationship to better your holistic health and well-being. Learn more about me here.

Please call 954-326-3075 or take a moment to fill out the short form on the right to request your Mint Massage therapy today!

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The Mint Massage Experience

Mint is quality, honor and healing.

The core value of Mint Massage is to make you to feel energetically renewed and help you resolve your physical challenges.

Because you are worth all the personal attention before, during and after your massage session. I invite you to try my therapeutic session, so that you can experience the difference between a franchise and a personalized custom Mint Massage therapy. I am confident that my therapeutic treatment will surpass your other experiences.

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Get the benefits of a Mint Massage by calling 954-326-3075 or click here to make an appointment.

Different Types of Massage

The information listed below provides a general description of the different massage techniques.

Swedish Technique
This technique is a gentle touch used for relaxation. Read more on Swedish Massage Therapy.

Deep Tissue Technique
This pressure therapy is used to relieve tight muscles. Read more on Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

Raindrop Therapy
This aromatherapy is used to help your immune system through essential oils.

This reflex zone therapy uses specific points located on your hands, feet and head to unblock energy in the body.