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Swedish massage therapy is one of the most familiar types of bodywork that people choose. This type of massage is perfect for an individual that is new to receiving a full body massage. It will allow you to become comfortable with your massage therapist and for the therapist to get to know systematic areas that need more attention in later sessions. The goal of a Swedish massage treatment is to relax the entire body through long gliding strokes that benefit the whole body by increasing circulation, eliminating toxins and relieving stress. The techniques include: long gliding strokes, gentle circular friction, skin kneading and cupping or tapping.

Did you know that hand cupping is used when a client states that they have stuffiness, seasonal allergies, or sinus congestion. The hand cupping technique is use to help break up mucous and to assist the immune system to fight the onset of a cold or flu.

Start a holistic approach to benefit your health. Make your appointment for a relaxing Swedish massage therapy today.